Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
23 Candy Corn Manicures That Are Absolutely Giving Us a Sweet Tooth

  • There’s no right or wrong way to achieve the candy corn nail art look.
  • Candy corn manicures can suit any Halloween costume or occasion for the fall season.
  • Adding small details can bring the manicure design to the next level.

Every year, Halloween presents the perfect opportunity to explore and create with the utmost creativity. For beauty connoisseurs, this can range from spooky-inspired makeup, colorful contacts paired with scary yet chic costumes, and even festive tattoos for the thrilling holiday. There are so many aspects to consider, especially when there’s a ton of inspiration to choose from. Whether you want to wing it with a DIY costume, gain inspiration through pop culture references, or go all-out using wigs, incorporating these small details goes a long way.

Manicures can be the greatest accessory to add to your Halloween look and take it to the next level. The latest fall trends feature gorgeous hues for the season and endless selections to choose from. Stiletto shapes and skeleton art can be chilling to the core but nothing says Halloween quite like candy corn. In lieu of loading up on the sugary, tri-colored candy, you can opt for wearing a fun, festive candy corn manicure instead. There’s no right or wrong way to achieve it, so long as you have some orange, white, and yellow nail polish on hand. If you’re in need of some nail art inspiration, read ahead to check out some of our favorite candy corn manicures.

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