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Adele Previews New Single, ‘Easy On Me,’ on IG, Still Has Pipes

Previews ‘Easy on Me’ on IG
Still Has Those Legendary Pipes!!!

10/9/2021 2: 01 PM PT

Adele is returning to the big stage after a 6-year absence from music — and if you were wondering if she’s still got it in the vocals department … here’s confirmation that she does.

The singer previewed a snipped of her new forthcoming single, “Easy On Me,” on IG Live this weekend … playing a good 40 seconds of what seems to be the first verse and almost the hook. She cuts it off before it gets any better … but the consensus is, so far so good.

Not Adele leaking her own song😭

— Fred ³⁰ (@FredAdkins_) October 9, 2021

The track is laced with a piano melody — and Adele starts talking about how there’s no gold in the river she’s been washing her hands, but how she still maintains hope.

The song is also sung in the same soulful, operatic style that Adele has carved out for herself … as she goes low, high and everything in between. This, of course, comes before she dives into what sounds to be a crescendo that’ll probably top what we’ve heard here.

In other words … Adele’s pipes are still intact after years of no new music. If anything, she sounds as good as ever — if not better. That’s something people often wonder about when artists take long breaks from the scene when it comes to new studio sessions. Rihanna falls into that category … Bieber recently did too, before coming out with his latest album.

Now, it’s unclear if Adele was supposed to play this before the song’s out next Friday … because she (jokingly?) said her phone was blowing up, and that she was gonna get in trouble.

“Oop me phones already buzzing, I’m gonna get in trouble”. – Adele after she played a snippet of “Easy On Me” on her Instagram Live.

— Adele Daily ³⁰ (@adeledailynet) October 9, 2021

She’s probably kidding … and the snippet is likely part of a bigger marketing campaign to get buzz. Not that she needs it, really — but hey, there’s no such thing as bad pub for Adele. Especially when the product is as top-notch as this almost certainly promises to be.

Adele also took some fan questions … and weighed in on #FreeBritney, Lana Del Rey and Harry Styles. She supports the first, loves the 2nd and thinks the 3rd is a “very sweet boy.”

Anyway, stock up on tissues … this music sounds like it’s getting ready to fire up waterworks.

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