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Ben Affleck Confronts Pushy Fan to Protect J Lo in Venice

Ben Affleck
Blocks Pushy Fan …
I Ain’t Waitin’ For No Bodyguard!!!

9/12/2021 6: 49 AM PT

Ben Affleck knows boundaries, and when others don’t he clearly takes charge, especially in the presence of his GF.

Ben and J Lo were at the Marco Polo International Airport in Venice when a hyper-determined fan zeroed in for a selfie. The fan got in their space and … you never know someone’s intentions when they cross the line, so Ben stepped in for the block.

J Lo’s BF pushed the maskless guy away as she moved backward. It’s interesting … their bodyguard took over, wrangled the guy and continued to push him away from Ben and Jen. ┬áSo, Ben didn’t wait for his hired muscle … he took care of business himself.

When the dust settled, B&J held hands as they headed for their gate … but this time they looked down as they walked … clearly hoping they wouldn’t attract fans.

They were in Venice for the film festival but spent a lot of time taking in the sights and getting touchy-feely the way we’ve all grown to expect.

Ben was there to promote his film, “The Last Duel,” which he wrote with Matt Damon.

J Lo wasn’t just there for kicks. She modeled for Dolce & Gabbana in a photo shoot.

Looks like it’s back to L.A. and more house hunting. Things are on the fast track.

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