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Blueface Accused of Attacking Club Bouncer, Battery Report Taken

Accused of Attacking Bouncer
… Battery Report Taken

9/13/2021 8: 09 AM PT

Blueface allegedly attacked a club bouncer with the help of his 2 pals, leaving the dude in stitches … and now, cops are on the case.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Blueface tried rolling up to Skinny’s Lounge late Sunday night in the San Fernando Valley, but got stopped at the door by a security guard who asked to see his ID.

We’re told Blueface noted he didn’t have one, and asked the guard if he knew who he was … apparently, whipping out his phone to Google himself and show he was famous. The guard didn’t care though, we’re told, and wouldn’t let him in without proper identification.

That’s when things allegedly turned physical … our sources tell us Blue, and a couple buddies with him jumped the bouncer and then left. The guy had to be transported to a hospital by ambulance — where we’re told he was treated for bruises and scratches that required sutures.

We also got a hold of photos showing the alleged injuries, and they look pretty gnarly. You can see the bouncer was left bloodied.

As for the cops … law enforcement sources tell us they got a report of a fight at Skinny’s a little after midnight, and that one person was hospitalized with minor injuries. Officers took a battery report and now they’re investigating. The alleged victim’s name hasn’t been released.

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