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Blueface’s Mom Allegedly Attacked In Home Invasion, Cops Think He Might Have Been Target

Cops Think He Might Have Been Target

10/23/2021 12: 30 AM PT

Blueface‘s mom and stepdad say they were attacked in a violent home invasion at a place her son owns … and it sounds like the alleged attackers were there to go after the rapper.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … Blueface’s mom, Karlissa Saffold, and her husband got into a physical altercation with 4 men who broke into the Santa Clarita home where they stay.

We’re told the men shattered a back window around midnight, but were scared away for some reason, and Blueface’s mom and stepdad called the cops, who took a report.

It’s pretty scary … we’re told the suspects returned a few hours later and somehow got inside the house, and Blueface’s stepdad heard something downstairs and went to investigate.

We’re told the stepdad bumped into one of the suspects and they started fighting. Our sources say another intruder joined the altercation, pointing an object at the stepdad before striking him in the head with it.

We’re told the stepdad suffered a concussion and injuries requiring 10 stitches near his left eye … and his face was a bloody mess.

Our sources say the 4 suspects fled and Blueface’s family called the police, who brought the stepdad to the hospital for treatment. He’s since been released.

A second police report was filed and we’re told the Santa Clarita County Sheriff’s Office is investigating … but there have been no arrests so far and nothing appears to have been taken from the home.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … one working theory is Blueface was the intended target … but he wasn’t home at the time, and doesn’t live there.

We’re told there are no suspects yet and law enforcement is still seeking cooperation from all involved.

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