Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022
Capitol Police Arrest Man with Bayonet, Machete and Swastikas Near DNC HQ

Capitol Police
Arrest Man w/ Bayonet, Machete
Near DNC Headquarters

9/13/2021 9: 00 AM PT

A California man is in Capitol Police custody after cops found several weapons in his truck — including a freakin’ bayonet — and Nazi swastikas all over on his ride … as he camped out near the Democratic party’s HQ.

44-year-old Donald Craighead was arrested early Monday morning in D.C. — where cops say one of their officers noticed him lurking in his pickup outside the DNC headquarters. To the cop, he seemed suspicious … having no visible license plate, and baring painted-on swastikas on the vehicle.

The cop approached to see what was up, and USCP says their guy saw a bayonet and a machete inside, plus a ton of other white supremacist symbols. Craighead — who had come all the way from Oceanside, CA — was booked for possession of prohibited weapons.

As for what the heck he was doing there in the first place, Capitol Police say Craighead told them he was on “patrol” … and that he started spewing hate-filled rhetoric.

Cops posted pics of the weapons allegedly found during the bust, and it’s a pretty eerie scene … especially the swastikas.

The symbols are scribbled on the inside of his door, on his steering wheel … and the side-view mirrors.

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