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Federal Arrest Warrant Issued for Brian Laundrie in Gabby Petito Death Case

Brian Laundrie
Federal Arrest Warrant Issued
In Gabby Petito Case

9/23/2021 4: 58 PM PT

3: 58 PM PTThe feds are tipping their hand … the warrant for Laundrie’s arrest is about way more than illegal credit card use. TMZ obtained a motion filed by prosecutors requesting Brian be held without bail before his trial, because he’s a danger to the community.

Allegedly swiping someone’s credit card hardly seems like a public safety issue, so the motion strongly suggests the feds suspect he’s involved in something way more nefarious. The docs also state what’s obvious at this point — that Laundrie is a serious flight risk.

Brian Laundrie is now a wanted man by the feds … an arrest warrant has been issued — but NOT for Gabby Petito‘s death.

A Federal Grand Jury indicted Laundrie for the crime of Use of Unauthorized Access Devices. Specifically, prosecutors claim Laundrie used a Capital One Bank debit card. The document does not say it’s Gabby’s card, but that doesn’t seem like much of a leap.

The indictment gives a timeline for the alleged unauthorized use of the card … it was used from August 30 to Sept. 1 to purchase items totaling at least $1,000.

What’s significant … he returned to his parents’ Florida home Sept. 1. And, the FBI first asked the public for assistance with Gabby’s case around Aug. 28. She would later be reported missing on Sept. 11.

It’s interesting … the feds aren’t linking the homicide to Laundrie, at least not yet. That’s probably because there are still loose ends … namely, there has to be probable cause to get a warrant for her death, and it’s unclear if there’s physical or other evidence at the crime scene linking Laundrie to the homicide. But, the indictment allows the feds to take Laundrie into custody … that is, if they can find him.

The preliminary autopsy report has not been released, but it’s expected any day. The manner of death will be critical in the investigation.

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