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Henry Ruggs Crash 911 Callers Were Distraught, ‘All I See Is Flames’

Henry Ruggs Crash
911 Callers Distraught
‘All I See Is Flames’

11/10/2021 2: 30 PM PT

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police

TMZ Sports has obtained multiple 911 calls made moments after Henry Ruggs allegedly caused a fatal car crash … with one witness telling an operator she believed a person was trapped in the burning truck.

A female caller who said she lives near the scene of the accident claimed she was in bed when she heard the crash, and when she looked at the crash site, all she saw were flames.

“It’s almost all gone,” she said of the fire-engulfed vehicle, continuing, “and I think someone is in it.”

The woman is clearly panicked … and pleading with the 911 operator to get help to the scene.

The woman also said she heard what she described as “kids just yelling for help.”

But, she said the flames were so high “you can’t get near it.”

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police

In the second call, a man, who heard, but didn’t see the crash, told authorities, “I want to say the [Corvette] was probably speeding. I mean, I heard loud revving, loud noises, and then a big collision.”

The man horrifyingly said he also thought he heard yelping coming from a dog inside of the burning vehicle.

Of course, in addition to 23-year-old Tina Tintor dying in the wreck, her golden retriever, Max, also perished.

The second caller also speculated that he suspected Ruggs and his GF were under the influence … though he didn’t elaborate why he suspected they were impaired.

As we previously reported, 22-year-old Ruggs was hit with 5 charges including 4 felonies for his role in the crash.

On Wednesday, prosecutors said the NFL star could face over 50 years behind bars if convicted on all counts.

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