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Jorja Smith’s Singing Ability Questioned on Twitter, Fans Defend Her

Jorja Smith
Singing Ability Questioned Online
Fans Come to Her Defense

10/10/2021 2: 24 PM PT

An old Jorja Smith cover has reignited a fierce debate among music lovers — namely, whether she can actually sing or not … but the evidence will make you shake your head.

The English singer-songwriter did her own rendition of TLC’s “No Scrubs” in 2018, which for some reason resurfaced on Twitter this weekend … and got folks chattering (again) about her pipes, or alleged lack thereof.

Quand Jorja Smith reprend “No Scrub” de TLC, magnifique. ✨

— SHIMMYA (@shimmya_) October 9, 2021

It’s been an ongoing thing with her … but there’s really no question in our minds — especially when you consider the full breadth of work and live performances, not to mention her background.

First, the claim … people are taking this specific cover, as well as others she’s done over the years, and suggesting her throaty, raspy vocals are a sign that she can’t really carry a tune. Some argue this style of singing is one employed by a lot of modern-day singers/pop stars … and that it’s become the standard for what industry types look for. It’s a running joke.

The “smoky” turn is something some folks claim Jorja has done a lot of lately … but many more were quick to surface a plethora of clips that prove definitively — she’s a master of her craft.

Somebody posted a snippet of her performing live with the WDR Funkhausorchester orchestra from last year, and wrote … “y’all can sit the Fdown and realize that Jorja Smith is and always will be a good singer…”

Others posted even more clips of her singing live, pointing out the range she has … and the falsettos she can hit with ease. Of course, when you factor in the fact that she’s a classically trained vocalist — having gotten her tutelage at Aldridge and raised and schooled by her dad, who’s a singer/musician himself — it blows all allegations of bad singing out of the water.

not people on my tl saying Jorja Smith can’t sing…🤨

— troy (@tr0ya113n) October 10, 2021

One thing she may want to think about … perhaps switching up her approach, as that’s another critique often leveled her against her. Specifically, that even though she obviously CAN sing … Jorja tends to dabble in the same types of riffs, runs and registers — at least in some listeners’ eyes, to the point where a lot of her crooning sounds repetitive or rehashed.

But, on the issue of ability … case closed. This woman has cords like an angel!

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