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Kanye West Invites Marilyn Manson to Latest Sunday Service

Kanye West
Invites Manson to Sunday Service …
Everyone Dressed in White

10/31/2021 1: 54 PM PT

Kanye West is continuing his friendship with Marilyn Manson — going so far as to invite the guy to his newest Sunday Service … and even going in on a prayer together.

Ye kicked off a new round of worship and gospel singing Sunday — and he invited the embattled rocker, who’s been accused of sexual misconduct by several women, to join in on the gathering. Manson was standing front and center alongside the rest of the choir.

marilyn manson is currently leading a prayer circle with justin bieber and kanye west pic.twitter.com/rDFUza5lvn

— KENNY BEAR (@RapDose) October 31, 2021

Everyone was wearing white … and some even had hoods and face coverings over their heads. At one point, Ye and MM bowed toward each other … touching foreheads and closing their eyes. Speaking of eyes … looks like Mr. West has lost his brows, and his hair.

BTW, Manson wasn’t the only famous person there … one Justin Bieber was also on hand, and he too appeared to be joining them for the spiritual moment. He also got on the mic at one point … and said a few words. He mostly kept his hood on, seemingly trying to lay low.

There’s no question though … he was there, and standing shoulder to shoulder wtih Ye and Manson.

So many reactions to this — including a lot of indignation that Ye would actually invite somebody like Manson to something like this … presumably, a sanctified meeting on Christians. Beyond Manson’s mere public image as the exact opposite of that … folks can’t help but point to the allegations against him as a major reason he shouldn’t be there.

Fact is … Marilyn stands accused of sexually assaulting and/or abusing multiple women, dating back years — all of which he had vehemently denied, and is fighting in court.

Ye really brought Marilyn Manson to a sunday service 😭 pic.twitter.com/fx7KYFjOi6

— JAX N 𓃦 (@ABELXDAYA) October 31, 2021

He has insisted that all of these liaisons were completely consensual, and a lot of them were straight-up relationships he was in … but the women have characterized it in much different terms, especially Evan Rachel Wood … who’s been the most outspoken about this.

This probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone — Kanye has already indicated he’s cool with Manson … evident in the fact that he featured him in his latest album.

He also invited the man to one of his “Donda” listening events … ditto for DaBaby, who’s been getting public heat of late. Unclear if his cozying up to Manson means he believes him (and not the women) … or if he’s bringing him in as a gesture of forgiveness or something.

In any case … Ye clearly has some amount of love for him.

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