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Master P Says Hyped Environment at Astroworld Fest Was to be Expected

Master P
Astroworld Hype to be Expected …
But No One Expected This

11/9/2021 3: 25 PM PT

Master P says the environment at Astroworld Fest was kosher … while also acknowledging, no one saw this tragedy coming.

We got the rap mogul Tuesday in L.A. and asked for his perspective on the aftermath of what unfolded Friday night … a day he actually performed himself, albeit much earlier before everything started going south.

Check out his breakdown of what he saw … MP insists he never felt things got out of hand or weren’t safe. Yes, he notes the young folks who went did, indeed, get hyped — as it’s customary at a festival of this nature — but, nothing ever raised a red flag to him personally.

His main point here seems to be that people knew what they were getting into by coming to Astroworld Fest — even going on to say an injury or two can realistically be expected.


With that said … Master P offers his condolences to the families and loved ones of the 8 people lost, saying that’s never something anyone ever really plans for, or is actively trying to encourage.

Of course, we had to ask who he thinks is mostly to blame here — if he had to pick someone to point the finger at — but he wasn’t really in an accusatory mood, saying it’ll be sorted behind the scenes while making sure to emphasize — Trav ain’t at fault.

What Master P really wants to talk about is … how do we fix this to make sure it never happens again, and where do we go from here? Great questions, and all remain to be seen.

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