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Netflix Employees Walk Out In Protest Over Dave Chappelle Special

Employees Walk Out In Protest
Over Chappelle Special

10/20/2021 12: 28 PM PT

12: 25 PM PTAshlee Marie Preston, who helped organize the Netflix employee walkout Wednesday, says she’s invited Dave to come to the table to have a conversation about the harm she and others believe he’s inflicted onto the LGBTQ+ community … but notes, he’s ghosted them.

Check out this interview she gave to the media about what the next steps are — it sounds like Dave wants no part of a dialogue with this group, so in light of that … Ashlee says they’ve come for the guys who cut him a check, and that would be Netflix.

We got her one-on-one at a certain point in the all ruckus … and she says that while Sarandos has, at the very least, acknowledged their position — there’s been no sign of any tangible action being taken on Netflix’s part … something she says the employees continue to anticipate and will continue to demand as this drama carries on.

The one thing that’s still unclear from her and her proponents’ POV … what are they gonna do if Netflix/Dave keep giving ’em the cold shoulder??? So far, it seems they’re not caving.

There’s a crazy scene going down at Netflix headquarters … where employees are walking out of the office building in protest of the controversial Dave Chappelle comedy special.

As you can see, trans Netflix employees and their allies are making their displeasure known with CEO Ted Sarandos and his response to their concerns about Dave’s LGBTQ+ comments, which are getting tons of backlash.

You can hear the chants … “Trans lives matter” … being repeated over and over again as protestors wave pickets signs in the air.

There’s also a group of folks defending Dave … they’ve got signs saying “jokes are funny” and “Dave is funny.”

The planned protest comes on the heels of Sarandos defending Dave and downplaying transphobic concerns in an email to Netflix staffers, which leaked.


As we reported … Sarandos has since apologized for how he delivered his message, but he’s not caving to internal pressure to take down Dave’s special, “The Closer.”



So far, Dave’s been mum on the pushback … we got him out shortly after the special dropped, but he had nothing to say.

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