Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
Sen. Warren Says Bezos Should Pay Taxes Before Space Business Park

Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Sure, Bezos Can Build Space Biz Park
But Pay Taxes Here 1st!!!

10/26/2021 9: 09 AM PT

Jeff Bezos wants to get commerce going in the Milky Way — something he’s more than welcome to do, just so long as he pays Earthling taxes beforehand … so says Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

We got the U.S. Senator Tuesday in D.C. where our photog asked what she made of Bezos’ just-announced plan to get a space business park going via his rocket company, Blue Origin. Liz is totally good with that — on the condition he ponies up to Uncle Sam first.

Check out this convo … Sen. Warren says she doesn’t care what JB does with his dough, but insists it should be money he has left over AFTER he gets fairly taxed on his wealth.

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This is a hot debate right now, as Dems are trying to push through legislation that will see billionaires taxed annually on their unrealized capital gains — which they say will help fund a lot of what President Biden is trying to accomplish with his infrastructure bill.

The Senator alludes to that here … saying Bezos doesn’t have an annual income that’s easily taxable, which is why she says we’ve gotta be able to tax his overall wealth for true equity.

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As you know, Bezos has been in a space race of sorts with other billionaires, who all seem eager to get the hell outta Dodge and conquer a new frontier.

That’s all good and fine in Sen. Warren’s eyes, but there’s some unfinished business here on this planet he needs to handle before blasting off … according to her anyway.

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