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Weapons Safety for Film Expert Steve Wolf on What Went Wrong on Baldwin Set

Alec Baldwin
‘Rust’ Crew Clearly Cut Corners …
And It Cost Someone’s Life

10/25/2021 12: 59 PM PT

The crew on the Alec Baldwin movie “Rust” appears to have taken shortcuts on safety — ones a top film weapons expert says could’ve and should’ve been avoided.

We talked to Steve Wolf — who’s been working in SFX and props in films for several decades — and he laid out exactly what he thinks went wrong on the New Mexico set where cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was accidentally shot and killed.

Check out our convo with him on “TMZ Live” … Steve says the lead armorer, Hannah Reed, was not experienced enough to handle the job, in his opinion.

He explains with that type of role on a set — one of the most important ones, especially if weapons are at play — it requires a certain authority and expertise he believes Reed might not have had.

He also says low-budget flicks — which “Rust” appears to be — often do a lot of corner-cutting … like not waiting on actual prop guns, or opting for live ammo or not taking the extra steps to thoroughly check weapons before they’re used.

Finally, he addresses the burning question on everyone’s minds — who’s actually responsible, and should Baldwin himself shoulder any blame? In Wolf’s eyes, he does … to a certain extent, anyway.

Watch … he acknowledges Alec was just an actor in the fateful scene — but adds, if a real gun is in your hands, it’s on you to know how to use it properly and safely.

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